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Ed Bisquera Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist
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Ed Bisquera Digital Marketing Consultant SEO Social Media Portland OR

As a Digital Marketing Consultant and Strategist in Portland, Oregon, I’m a specialist in SEO, search marketing, social media strategy and inbound content marketing for businesses and organizations. Knowing how to gather necessary intelligence and who to target online, is at the heart of what I perform as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

I perform competitive research and analysis reports on social media and SEO/search marketing, to provide companies that need to know what their competitors are doing and spending in online search and social marketing.

I have worked in multiple media disciplines and prior to my working as a Digital Marketing Consultant, I was a Mortgage Consultant for 4 years. In that capacity I learned the systems and tasks necessary to construct a loan package for underwriting and closing the loan. I also learned that processes and timelines were important to meeting the end objectives and carrying out a successful social media strategy and plan, has similar traits. In the last 5 years, while learning to build my mortgage consulting, I utilized many methods to market my business, which included use of internet marketing, blogging, video marketing, SEO, search marketing, social media networking and I relied heavily on my past experience in the event marketing, advertising and media production and music production fields.

I actively keep up-to-date in the fields of social media and internet marketing, continually attending multiple seminars, webinars and reading/digesting books by leaders and colleagues in marketing, PR and digital fields. I am active on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn as well. This multitude of backgrounds, has given me a unique education and perspective in recognizing the opportunities of engagement and conversations on social media networks and I now have the privileged opportunity to share the best practices of social media networking and search marketing with others.

My goal now as a Digital Marketing Consultant, speaker and educator, is to help companies, community agencies and non-profit entities on how to maximize their communication and marketing efforts by utilizing engagement and monitoring in social media networks and search engine marketing.

Digital Marketing Services I consult on:

  • Content Marketing Strategy and Plan Building
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing Strateges
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Local SEO for small to medium to large single and multi-location businesses
  • Video Production & Video SEO Marketing
  • Blogging, Writing, Curating Content
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